What Does BEEF Stand for in Basketball? What is BEEF in Basketball?

BEEF is an acronym for Balance, Eyes, Elbow, Follow Through. It is a shooting method that can be used by beginners and experienced shooters alike to improve their accuracy and consistency. Let’s break down each element of the BEEF shooting method for understanding better what does BEEF stand for in basketball

What Does BEEF Stand for in Basketball?

  • Balance: When you are shooting the ball, it is important to be balanced. This means that your feet should be shoulder-width apart and you should be square to the basket. If you are not balanced, it will be difficult to shoot the ball straight
  • Eyes: You should be looking at the basket the entire time you are shooting the ball. This may seem obvious, but many people take their eyes off the basket just before they release the ball. Doing this will cause you to miss the shot
  • Elbow:Your elbow should be in line with the basket, and your arm should form a 90 degree angle when you shoot the ball. This will help ensure that you shoot the ball straight
  • Follow through: After you release the ball, your hand should continue to follow through towards the basket. This will help ensure that you have put enough power behind the shot


By following the BEEF shooting method, you can improve your accuracy and consistency when shooting a basketball. Next time you are at the basketball court, make sure to practice using this method!

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